email dating

What Is Email Dating?

Email dating is a form of online dating that involves an exchange of meaningful emails between two parties in an attempt to get to know each other better.

Online e-mail dating
Online e-mail dating

Individuals who resort to email dating usually met via social networking sites and are from different countries and time zones. Sending each other regular emails is the best option to maintain communication due to factors that involve distance and time difference.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram have paved the way for email dating since users can access the accounts of different people from other countries.

When they’re drawn to a particular account and they get attracted to the posts; that’s when the interest starts to build up. The process of introduction usually starts with a direct message, email (if provided in the account), or chat message. And then one thing leads to another.

How Relationships Develop

If you’re into social media sites and apps, you’re more or less aware of the features that show suggested members or “People You Might Know”. These are usually Friends of Friends or other users who are following the same accounts that you follow.

Moreover, if you try to browse through these social media apps, you would discover the power of networking that virtually interconnects people across the globe;

and the chances of you finding someone that you find attractive can never be far enough. You might even find yourself attracted to someone from halfway across the world. 

Relationships develop over a period of “getting to know each other” if the process of self-introduction had been successful enough or weren’t ignored by the other party.

And then the exchange of emails and constant messages happens. From there, only time can tell whether the interaction could lead somewhere or would eventually end. After all, it’s never easy to manage a relationship that only exists online. 

Success Rate

It has been reported that 20% of current relationships began online. Among couples who got together online, 5.9% broke up. When it comes to email dating, factors that involve distance and time differences can have a major impact.

Thus, the chances of being able to maintain such a relationship might be slimmer. Still, despite the low success rate, a lot of singles find email dating gratifying.

One of the best parts is that you’re not limited by time and location. You can just log in, read and write emails as you wish and at your most convenient time. You can engage in other activities as well like chatline dating and the use of dating apps.

When your schedules are aligned with each other, a video call or phone call can help establish an online relationship. It may not be a conventional type of relationship but it sure gives you something to look forward to and to smile about every single day. 

Why They End

Email dating ends when one or both parties start to get bored with their setup. It could be due to eventual lack of interest, lack of intimacy, or the inconvenience of their arrangement. Online relationships such as email dating may be considered as valid forms of relationships in this modern time but there is no certainty with how long they could last.

For two people who are separated by time and distance, emails are simply not enough to sustain their relationship especially when a foundation hasn’t been established yet. 

“Ghosting” is one of the most common reasons why email dating ends. It’s when one finally decides to cut off all contact and communication without warning.

It may be a painful and frustrating way to deal with the ending, but that’s simply how online relationships work.

Modern technology has made browsing for singles and flirting 100% free. Sadly, it has also made breaking up just as easy. 

According to, 48% of online relationships end through email. If you meet someone online, chances are that you will break up online. While some would consider this as rude, those who don’t like confrontations will find it more convenient. It can spare them from a painful and ugly breakup.

Top Email Providers

Gmail is one of the top email providers. It’s run by Google and is used worldwide for both personal and business purposes.

Yahoo Mail is one of the leading email providers that also offer an organized inbox. It features local and global news, finance, sports, and entertainment updates.

  • Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail offers an entire suite for applications for personal and business purposes. Users can access their emails, tasks, calendars, notes, and contacts in a tabbed interface to prevent clutter.

  • AOL

AOL is one of the first public email services. It has basic features and a variety of themes to choose from. It also allows you to manage all incoming emails.